We Like it Here

Michael League and the other extraordinary gents and dames have been putting it down for several years. Due to circumstances I wasn’t able to witness their awesomeness at North Sea Jazz this year, but a while ago I gazed at their awesomeness when they performed the groundUP repetoire in Rotterdam. This year they released We Like It Here and I find this is a must have in every music-lovers collection. After a few months of getting high on this joint I now could keep it to myself any longer.

Any of my musician friends that do not own this album are missing out and quite frankly I wouldn’t know why we are still talking :rage:.

Anyways… I just visited my barber and got him hooked on Snarky’s latest stuff . Whilst hacking away on another Rails application I couldn’t resist the urge to view a few videos online and now I just have to share some of this dope :notes:.

If there is something you should watch tonight let it be this awesome performance by the puppies. Cory Henry absolutely kills this one :astonished:.

Whatever happens right after the 4 minutes, 18 seconds marker nearly had me explode in front of my screen… mind-blown up! :fire: