Favorite Warrior Brother

Distraught and drenched in sweat – it is the second time I woke to a nightmarish dream.

It was due to a landing gear failure that the aircraft with my brother on board perished. I brushed it off as a dream, but my entire day so far has been really weird. Maybe not just because of the dream because the weather in Berlin really sucks at the moment, but I can surely attest that this episode somewhat threw me off my productive streak.

Since, I’m no good at coming up with intelligent solutions to the engineering problems in front of me; I’ve decided to jot down a few musings of my brain to get over this weird episode. Hopefully, I’ll be able to carry on with my engineering puzzles after writing this “Dear Diary”-type entry, not sure if this will work as an outlet so I’ll find out soon enough.

I’ve told the young feller plenty of times that he’s a remarkable element in my life, but I realize that I probably don’t spend enough time mentioning that to the people that matter to me. Once more… Jonathan, I’m so darn grateful I know you. I should have you a trophy :trophy: to emphasize it.

I admire your creativity, especially in terms of comedy, and I feel that your absence would certainly create a void in my life in terms of comic relief. I often find myself chuckling whenever I reminisce about the things you’ve said, the stunts you’ve pulled or the weird episodes we’ve shared.

Remember how we use to cart you around in a wheelbarrow as youngsters? We were all very young and very stupid and I remember that you often fell out of that wheelbarrow unto the concrete floor with Annie and I desperately trying to console you. We just did it because we didn’t want pops and moms to find our what we were doing to you… Yeah, little assholes, right?!? You certainly took a few for the team there, little soldier and I commend you on your bravery or stupidity; however you want to see it. I recall you having a bald spot at the back of your head because of all the falls you took to that spot – those inflicted by your loving siblings during our stunts and those inflicted by yourself while pulling all those ridiculous stunts which made it possible for you to be the most acrobatic member of the family at the moment.

Lil bruv fooling around on the trampoline

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Talking about acrobatics… I admire your agility and strength. I can’t do half the things you manage to pull. Probably because I spend too much time behind my computer as a youngster while you were out in the backyard attempting back flips and falling more times than I can imagine me breaking computers. I tried the back flip on a trampoline not too long ago and you laugh at me to this day for that weak attempt… yeah, I’m nowhere near as acrobatic as you are. I also remember inviting you to a capoeira class and finding you gasping for air in the middle of the session. Nice for me that I still beat your ass in some areas… gheghe.

I cherish the memory of that one time we almost killed each other in a playful wrestling episode about a year ago. It was a great way of just being rowdy, probably not too wise to repeat that too often (especially not as we gradually age) but now, in our prime, such episodes really make our brotherhood even more memorable.

I remember returning home to Suriname about a year ago and greeted by you through a little wrestling skirmish on the floor in the kitchen, while our parents and younger sister, watched. Screw hugs and handshakes… you felt that the only way to properly welcome me was through a display of uncensored primate strength. That was after we had not seen each other in the flesh for about what?!? Three years?!? I pegged you down in a hold and you’ve been aching to get back at me ever since. Well.. You pretty much did the last time back at Annie’s place in Rotterdam. You had me in a choke hold so proficiently executed that I remember it to this day. I had to tap out or get my neck snapped off. You’re pretty f:collision:ing strong.

I enjoy chatting with you about matters pertaining to live and it’s intricacies. Whether it is about our careers, spirituality, politics, economics, family, comedy or any topic; I’m always delighted to have exchanges with you. You don’t always have sensible answers1 in my perspective, but I love that you have opinions. Opinions that sometimes trigger me to venture into challenging avenues of thought.

It’s so cliché, but I think you couldn’t have done any better in the younger brother department – for me, you’re just the right bit of crazy, the right bit of funny, the right bit of physically challenging… the right bit of everything. Yeah, I’ll say it… you’re the perfect younger brother to me.

You’re an annoying little brat and I love the fact that you always try to get back at me.

And I’m so f:bomb:ing glad it was just a nightmare! Can’t wait to punch you in the chest again, just to celebrate the fact you’re alive as ever! Love ya and stay alive, Warrior Brother; which rhymes which Mario Brother2 so here is a matching gif with that… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just called my brother who’s 8050 kilometers away… cooking dinner with pops.

Look at that…

Life is good, life is good, no matter what… life is good as Nas said in Cherry Wine.

  1. I must admit that I sometimes don’t even find my answers sensible, so let’s both take it personally :wink:. 

  2. Would you be Mario or Luigi in that case?