Name: David Daniƫl Asabina

Birthyear: 1988

Habitat: Berlin (DE)

E-mail: vid at bina dot me


As a kid in Suriname I spend my time tinkering with electronics, doing chores I didn't like (didn't like gardening back then), reading and playing—off course (I was a reasonably normal kid :wink:). I taught myself how to program computers through trial-and-error and the built-in help feature first when learning QBASIC and later through online tutorials and hardcover books that my father had in his collection. Apparently during his economics studies during the 80's in The Netherlands, they also received some programming courses in C and C++ which explained him buying the books. The tutorials, I would download from the internet when my parents weren't home. I had my system of quickly dialing-in to the web and crawling as much pages as possible for offline access :wink: and other than a few unexplained surges in the dial-up bills no one has noticed a thing.

My father would always remind me not to wreck his computer around those days, because it also served as his office computer. This prevented me from going crazy on the box. Motivated to have my own machine, I saved up some cash and bought my pop's old computer which opened up the road to limitless experimentation and unbounded learning for me. Some of my unbounded learning involved me writing a basic Sub7-like application in Visual Basic that I sent to my ICQ buddies to take some control of their computers, because security was a joke back then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :unlock:

By the time I finished high-school I had to choose what to study. Computer sciences did seem interesting, but I figured I could learn that from books :books: and brain-picking (provided I had the right people around me). Electronics, on the other hand, often required access to some equipment I couldn't readily get my hands on because of the financial situation. That is why I studied electronics which opened up the world of grade-A workspaces. Besides just understanding software, I wanted to be able to master hardware as well which would give me the proper bird-eye view of the playing field.

I did study electronics, which marked a wonderful time in my life. After graduating I set foot in the real world by beginning my free-lancing adventures. I have built plenty of cool products, made stupid mistakes (lessons), got punked, got amazed, discovered more of my strengths and weaknesses and am learning truck-loads of new things through it all on a daily basis. I am also having a blast! on sunny :sunny: and rainy :umbrella: days—where other people just go to work, I head to the playgrounds (what I call my office) and I'm set on keeping that energy and sense of wonder intact.