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Coming to Africa

I didn't make it. Didn't even get close. So yeah. That was a real bummer (which is the only word I can think of and still abstain from profanities). I did try so now I know how it would have worked out. What I also learned is that I should reserve a fair amount of energy to get campaigns going if I ever try that crowdfunding thing again. Another note... If many of your friends are exclusively in the not-yet-funded startup hustle they will scrambling for cents themselves.
The four Ampion 2014 bus routes

Ever since my last Startupbus experience I have promised myself to partake in an event of similar impact annually. My last adventure had me physically exhausted but mentally empowered to the extend that it helped me drag myself through the whirlwind of gorgeous and horrendous experiences that I ventured through in the year that passed.

This year I am up to the challenge again and am looking for funding just to spice things up this time. Quite frankly I need this boost after having gone through one of my tougher years to date. I’ve been around 26 years and this was the one loaded with reality checks and oh-my-god moments. I need your support to not only make this the year of my deepest lows, but also that year with one of my greatest highs. The way I see it, I still have 3 months to get this year balanced out.

Numerous people have recommended me to pick up music again after hearing me speak about my music with twinkling :star2: eyes :eyes:. Furthermore I really want to pack my bag again to experience new highs on a magical bus ride :bus:. So I’m going to mix things up.

How about I go on that bus ride to get inspired to compose new tunes for your enjoyment instead?!? :bulb:.

I want to join one of the four Ampion buses that are set to start their journey somewhere in Africa in November.


I have several reasons for wanting to join one of the African buses. If you are here to read it here goes… (otherwise TL;DR)


I’ve heard enough stories about the continent where it all began. It’s time to experience its glory firsthand. Africa happening to be the cradle of human life makes this a trip to my roots. Genetically the closest match within my ancestry will lead to the west African region but anywhere on the continent will do for my first visit.


The last time I attempted a trip of this sort I learned so much more about the world than I think I had in the year before. Furthermore, seeing a bit of the world helped me to view things in life a bit different, which keeps me thinking out of the box in some situations.

Giving back

I do not have dough or incredible exit stories to share, but I do have a crap load of experience in engineering, staying lean, failing, getting screwed, getting hurt, rebounding, getting lucky, making money, having fun, losing money, giving 200% percent and some other things that may become hallmark moments during anyone’s venture through the tough jungle of entrepreneurship.

I have been riding this roller-coaster for a few years now :roller_coaster:.

It seems fun to get in touch with other entrepreneurs to share my experiences.


Some of the great cats I have had the pleasure of connecting with in the past year stem from my startupbus adventure last year. I relate to the misfits, the goons, those buffoons with crazy ideas looming, with radical dreams blooming and a unhealthy dose of energy to tackle the challenges head-on. You usually meet these nut-jobs on these trips :grin:.


Sleep deprivation may be one of the culprits for exhaustion, yet during this very adventure it will not obstruct the experience from rejuvenating my mind – it didn’t last year when I coasted through Europe.

You see new places, meet new people, hear new ideas, smell new scents, hear new sounds… heck, how can that not refuel a brain with an insatiable desire for more stimuli?!?


Well… because I know that you are such an incredibly awesome soul I am quite convinced that you will help a jumpy geek out. I know that the Ampion gang is looking for more people (coders specifically) to join the buses and am willing to sacrifice myself to myself to soak in that experience.

What is in it for you?!? The powerful idea… No, the powerful fact that you played an integral part in getting this done and turning my mood into something that would most accurately be described as “absolutely ecstatic”. Furthermore, you will be credited for the awesome dose of energy that I will unleash unto this world in the aftermath of the trip.

I have several pledges that I have thought up that may interest you. The pledges come at different costs obviously.

  • a 20 minute concert for all my pledges. My music is a cross between jazz, hip hop, world music and everything else that resonates with me :notes:. I will spice things up with technology of course. My trusty computer will be on-stage composing music along with me during the performance (you have to see this :wink:).
  • a :video_camera: documentary chronicling the experiences during my trip
  • monthly video summaries for the year after the trip to report on my activities and share the progress I have been making in the projects I am involved in
  • an opportunity to unload a barrage of paint ball bullets at me while I volunteer to be the bunny :rabbit: at a paint ball :gun: rink. This should incentivize my enemies to pledge as well. I offer an opportunity to exact revenge :rage:.
  • the opportunity in naming the next gizmo I hack
  • tickets to a few hack workshops I’m giving after I return from my trip. I’m working on two courses as we speak currently codenamed
    • Hacking for Noobs (which should introduce you to electronics-hacking chops and some coding skills) and
    • Crafting Code (learn how to write software).

For the courses I’m taking ideas for concepts to work into the material. So don’t hesitate to post some suggestions below. I already have a nicely planned out batch of material to serve to you but I’d still love to get some early input if possible.

In the year I was minted someone had a similar idea. Was only headed in the wrong direction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I was actually born a few months later to set the balance straight. For those who don’t remember what went down that year, a reminder…


I code (software), I hack (hardware) and I jam (music). Because I feel that I am in need of a fresh batch of inspiration, I will be more than grateful to enjoy the opportunity to travel to the largest, and currently rapidly changing (in terms of entrepreneurship), continent on our beloved planet :earth_africa:.

It should be no surprise that I will be joining one of the buses as a coder.

Just to make things a bit easier I have sketched somewhat of a doodle of myself. This should hopefully give you a better picture of me :grinning:.

A description of me. Born in the Netherlands, raised in Suriname. Started coding as a kid, worked in a goldmine for a year then got a job coding within a week of landing back in the Netherlands to start my engineering studies. I love music, I make music, I code, I hack, I dream.

Let’s go!